Lighting Up Sturgeon

At Northern Lights Fiber, we believe everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet, no matter where they live. We’re excited to partner with Sturgeon County on Canada’s first large scale fiber-to-the-acreage/farm project!

Northern Lights Fiber is a branch of Canadian Fiber Optics, a telecommunications infrastructure company that designs and constructs fiber networks, provides network maintenance, and delivers high-speed internet in Western Canada. Our mission is to provide superior fiber connectivity to forward-thinking communities and businesses, so they can access the technologies that can help them thrive into the future.

We are looking forward to beginning construction and connecting residents soon. Sign up today to find out if you’re in the pilot project service area and to get connected as soon as fiber reaches your street!

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Northern Lights Fiber’s internet service in Sturgeon?

Fiber-based internet is the fastest and most reliable internet available in the area. We offer speeds of up to 1,000Mbps per second (otherwise known as 1 GIG!).

And because Canadian Fiber Optics and Sturgeon County is building fiber infrastructure, we could scale up to faster speeds whenever we need! 

Visit our Products & Pricing page to learn more.

What are the advantages of fiber-based internet?

A fiber-optic network provides the fastest and most secure internet possible. Education, business, entertainment, home security, and more can benefit from a secure, reliable fiber network. With a fast, fiber-based internet connection, you could enjoy… 

  • Better experiences with remote work and at-home learning
  • Faster upload and download speeds 
  • Smoother streaming (without waiting for videos to buffer)
  • Increased security with the latest home security systems
  • Access to the latest smart technologies for healthcare, home automation, and more
  • The ability to use multiple online devices simultaneously
  • And more!

What other products are offered by Northern Lights Fiber?

In addition to fast, reliable internet service, all our services come standard with an APP to help manage your Wi-Fi experience. If you live in a large home, we also offer additional Wi-Fi Mesh units – to ensure you have a great experience in your whole home! 

We also offer addition services such as ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ – which help protect the things in your home. Visit our Products & Pricing page to learn more.

If there’s a specific product you’d like to see, please email us at

How is Northern Lights Fiber different from other internet service providers?

For one thing, we know that rural communities are underserved, so we focus on connecting rural Canada first and foremost. 

You’ll also enjoy faster, more reliable connections on our network. That’s because we use the latest and greatest technology, like WiFi 6, to ensure a smooth experience, even when you have multiple devices connected at the same time. 

We’re committed to using only Canadian and North American vendors to provide a high-quality connection you can trust. And, we’re committed to hiring locally. So if you want to help us close the digital divide in your community, visit our careers page! 

How much does fiber-based internet service cost?

Northern Lights Fiber is committed to making premier technologies and high-speed internet accessible for rural communities like in Sturgeon County. Our “slowest” package is only $89 per month. And if you sign up before the promotion ends, all installation costs are waved!

Check out our Products & Pricing page to learn more about our pricing!

Is there an installation fee?

We will be offering free installation in our Early Adopter sign up Promo for a limited time in each phase as we build through Sturgeon County.

Please Sign-up early to make sure you take advantage of this promotion (it is automatically added to every sign up while available).

Follow along our social media pages and well share as the Free installation is ending in each phase. But please don’t worry if you miss the Early Adopter Promo, we have some other great add on bundles that include discounted or Free installation.

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Do I have to sign-up for a 2-year contract?

All service pricing at this point is either based on 1 year or 2 year contracts. But if you sign-up for a 2-year contract, we will give you FREE electronics (valued at $250.00)! 

If I sign up before installation, will I start paying before I have my service?

No! You will only start paying once the service is installed in your house!

Can I still get fiber to my house, even though I do not want your service?

Not a bad idea, because studies show that house values increase when (or if) they have fiber connection.

All you have to do is sign an Access Agreement! The access agreement just gives Sturgeon County permission to access your property, and install the infrastructure.

What is the age requirement for the seniors discount?

The age requirement for Northern Lights Fiber is years 70 and older. Please select and submit your internet package. You will receive a call back from a Customer Service agent, and please be sure to tell them your eligible for the seniors discount! 

What is Wi-Fi Mesh? Do I need it?

Our Wi-Fi is a way to amplifying or boosting the Wi-Fi signal in your house! If you live in a big house or just want faster speeds throughout your house – the Wi-Fi  Mesh (aka Extender) may be helpful!

Click HERE to learn more!

When can I expect your to start construction in my neighbourhood? Or when can I expect the installation to occur?

Main line Construction from our parent company Canadian Fiber Optics Corp. (CFOC)and Canadian Fiber Construction (CFCC) will be starting in May. Check our the MAP HERE!

It is difficult to predict the exact timing of our construction project, but it is expected that all homes within the approved area will be done by winter. Each subdivision or hamlet will take about 3 weeks to complete. 

Please keep in mind that we need an access agreement to be signed before Canadian Fiber Optics Corp (CFOC) and Canadian Fiber Construction Corp (CFCC) construct on your property.