Sturgeon County Access Agreement

Sturgeon County Access Agreement

Sign your DIGITAL access agreement! 

Northern Lights Fiber is so excited to provide you super-fast and reliable internet. But first, our project partners at Canadian Fiber Optics ( need to build brand new infrastructure to your home!

To do this, we need your permission through a document called an Access Agreement! This access agreement is just a document stating that you give permission for new fiber infrastructure to be built to your home.

You can now digitally sign this access agreement by HERE. It’s super easy to do, but don’t forget to confirm it (by the confirmation email it sends you).

But what if I don’t need better internet?

Even if you do not immediately want better internet, consider signing an Access Agreement as it benefits you greatly in the long term! The advantages of replacing the old infrastructure (copper, coaxial, or wireless) are UNLIMITED.

Fiber will bring you faster service

It’s always important to prepare your home for what you may actually need in the future! By signing the access agreement, you can ensure that you are not denied new connectivity and modern services. Modern technology has an increasing demand for high speed internet access – fiber ensures you have access when you need it.

It will save you money

There is no charge to bring this infrastructure to your home! And if you need better (or more affordable) service in the future, there could be a charge associated with building this infrastructure to your home at a later date.

And if you sign up with us, our services feature unlimited data, with no speed throttling. This means when you sign up for one of our packages, we will never charge you extra just for using it, saving you money on data overages.

It will add value to your home

Should you decide to sell in the future. A fiber connection in rural Alberta is extremely rare and sought after by todays younger, more tech savvy buyers. This will ensure that future owners of your home will have an attractive access to the latest technology for decades to come. Don’t believe us? Ask your realtor!

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this agreement with one of our customer representatives, please contact us at 1-888-236-2947.