Hey Sturgeon County!

We wanted to give a quick thanks to all those you attended the Open House at the Calahoo Community Hall. If you missed it, feel free to reach out to us at any time by contacting us at Sturgeon@CanadianFiberOptics.ca! We also want to thank everyone who already signed up! If you want to meet us in person, you still have two more opportunities! We’ll be at two upcoming Open Houses and both take place on May 27th!  

Business open house: May 27th noon we have an open house at the Villeneuve Airport that will provide vital information for businesses of all sizes. Here will will also be gathering information and contacts so that we can build you a free proposal and quote your business on being connected to sturgeon county’s brand new fiber internet. CFOC representatives will be present with expert knowledge on the design and construction of the network that will connect the airport and its neighbors. 

Residential Open House: May 27th from 6pm-8pm we will be at the Riviera Qui Barre Arena meeting more of Sturgeon County’s community members and telling everyone about the cutting edge services we’re bringing to your home!

Q1. Are Your Packages Unlimited Internet?

Yes – all our packages come with UNLIMTED Data. That means there’s no overages, and no surprises on your bill!  

Q2. Do I Have To Sign Up Now?  

No. But there are some benefits to everyone if you do!  

We’re working hard to get every home in Sturgeon County connected as fast as possible. And believe it or not, the more people that sign up – the easier our job is. It allows us to make efficient use of our labor and resources, which allows us to offer our FREE installation promotion and hook up your services faster!    

Most importantly, you are NOT charged until the service actually get installed and activated!  

Q3. What If I Sign Up After?  

If you sign up after our crews are in your neighborhood, there may be a longer delay in getting your internet installed as we prioritize our workforce in the areas that they are working in. If you need an internet upgrade then now is truly the best time to sign up!  

Singing up now ensures you get the free installation promotion. This saves you from having to pay the installation price, which is $150 dollars!  

Q4. When Will My Home Get Connected?

Because this is such a large and major project, that’s a hard question to answer. But what we can say is that we are starting construction this month in Villeneuve. It is expected that the first activations will happen sometime late summer, with the entire project wrapped up late fall or early winter.

Q5. Are you guys hiring?  

Yes! This is a BIG infrastructure project, and there’s plenty of jobs to be had! Importantly, we want to create as many jobs for locals as possible.   

We are hiring for the following positions:  

  1. Hydrovac Operator (Canadian Fiber Optics) 
  2. Directional Drill Operator (Canadian Fiber Optics) 
  3. Backhoe Operator (Canadian Fiber Optics) 
  4. Plow Operator (Canadian Fiber Optics)  
  5. Customer Service (Part Time, Casual, or Full Time – Northern Lights Fiber);  
  6. Event Coordinator (Part Time, Casual, or Full Time – Northern Lights Fiber).  

Click HERE to see our CARREERS page.  

Q5. How Far Does Your WiFi Go?  

We love our WiFi routers. They use use the “latest and greatest” WiFi6 technology. And for many homes, there will be no problem ensuring that your internet connection is suitable across your whole home.

In the case that you live in a larger home, or perhaps just want strong signals everywhere, we offer some really awesome bundles to ensure that you have WiFi in all the places that matter to you!

Q6. How Many Devices Can I Connect to the New Network?  

We heard from many people that their WiFi Routers can only connect up to 10 devices at a time. The good news is that our routers can connect 250 devices!  

You might think like that’s a lot, but we think you’ll appreciate it (especially with unlimited internet usage).

If you’d like to sign up for our services today, click the button below to visit our site and begin chosing the plan that works for you!